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What to expect

Well, in less than two weeks I’m flying 2693 miles or 4334 kilometers, depending on which continent you live, to Quito, Ecuador. I’m told it is eternal spring there- the temperatures range from the upper fifties to the upper seventies year-round. For the first week, I will have orientation, then I will get to meet and move in with my host family. For about six weeks I will take classes then have a week-long Spring break. For the next six weeks I will intern at a yet undetermined site, then spend a couple weeks traveling and visiting relatives I have in Guayaquil. I don’t know the students on my program very well yet, nor anything about my host family. I don’t know where exactly I will be traveling or at what internship I will end up. I’m pretty comfortable with surprises and I know I will adapt and learn where-ever I go.  My goals are to become fluent in Spanish and explore many places in Ecuador, asking questions and listening to my host family.  I plan to join a church and connect with as many people as I can during my stay in the country where my grandfather was born.


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