La Escuela de Formación Empresarial del Grupo Social FEPP

After a wonderful Spring break, which I will post about next, I began my internship Monday. My commute to work, located in a Sector of Quito called La Floresta, is about a half-hour bus ride then a ten minute walk. Grupo Social Fondo Ecuatoriano Popularum Progressio is the name of the larger non-profit I work for, but within GSFEPP there are many businesses and outreaches. Several headquarters are located in the Quito office and “La Escuela” (EFE) is on the top (fourth) floor. I share an office with two others and have my own desk, drawers and a computer. I work Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. and the internship will last six weeks, until the end of April.

The project I am working on now is updating the pages on the EFE website- quite a task. I began by cataloging areas for improvement and noting what information is lacking or out of date. Today I drafted a piece for the “current news” page that highlights the course that EFE created for the students at my University here, Fundación CIMAS. I also began creating promotional content for another section of EFE that supports Estructuras Financieras Locales (EFLs). Another project I will be working on is the organization and utilization of a vast photo archive.

In addition to my personal work, I am being completely integrated into company activities and dynamics. My compañeros consult my opinion about designs on promotional material or photo choices. Today we had a meeting to discuss a new logo; when to use it, how to use it, what it symbolizes etc. One of my coworkers is trying very hard to teach me Kichwa phrases. I take my lunch break with my coworkers and they often bring snacks or treats to share during our morning break. We are all going on a day trip on Sunday to barbecue at someone’s Rio Bamba house. Much of my personal work involves seeking information from other responsible or more-informed coworkers. They are always patient and very willing to help me find what I need. I’m really enjoying the work so far and I look forward to learning more each day.


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2 responses to “La Escuela de Formación Empresarial del Grupo Social FEPP

  1. Tia Carmen

    Sounds like you are getting into the nitty gritty of adult life in Ecuador. You will have to tell me all about it as that is something I never experienced there. I think you will find great satisfaction in working at this job. I certainly did when I worked helping children and adults have a better life by giving them the little hand-up necessary for them.
    God bless you, dear. Keep us posted.

  2. mcelliott

    Believe it or not, I just read this wonderful, newsy post! How marvelous have been your experiences of real life in Ecuador.
    How happy I am for you, Kathryn!
    Love, Mom

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