New information

I have learned that my host mother is 48. She has a son, 24, who is a pilot, and a daughter, 22, who is a student. I have read about Ecuador here and there, and gleaned the following geography trivia from its page in the CIA World Factbook:

  • The area of the country is about the size of Nevada
  • Columbia and Peru border Ecuador
  • Coastal plain, inter-Andean central highland and eastern jungle make up the country’s terrain
  • The Galápagos Islands (where Darwin studied finches) belong to Ecuador
  • The highest active volcano in the world, Cotopaxi, is 28 miles south of Quito in the Andes

Soon I will give a firsthand account of Ecuadorian geography.  My next post should be in-country. Ciao!


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3 responses to “New information

  1. Marijane Castells

    Kathryn – I thouht you should know that your message about the lady with whom you will be lieving is underneath the facts about Ecuador (like scuba diving). In other words, can’t read it. Do you understand what I am saying? You have typed over the information. ABUELITA

  2. Marijane Castells

    When I went back to it. the situation had been fixed! ABUELITA

  3. Quito Burrito

    guess whooo babayyy! i am prayin fo you sista and I cant wait to hear all the crazy things you escape. i expect tiger stories…

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